It’s all about


the thought leaders of tomorrow

It’s all about


raising your voice, attracting the spotlight, sharing your ideas, getting ahead of the game, inspiring and motivating others, building movements…

It’s all about


the thought leaders of tomorrow that make money while contributing to wellbeing, sustainability and raising levels of consciousness for humanity.


  • You have a solution and you want to help people, but you’re lost in the crowd?
  • You want to express yourself and live fully, but you don’t have the courage to express your voice?
  • You’re a professional in your field, but you’re overwhelmed by modern marekting?
  • You know that your ideas are great and would help changing the world for the better, but you don’t know how to convince people to trust you?
  • You badly want to become respectfull actor/thought leader with influence, but you’re starting with no money, fame and not enough experiences?


  • if all you care is how to make lots of money and move to an island and do nothing till the end of your life,
  • or if you’re so passionate about changing the world that you’re beyond everything material,
  • if you want to spread and support the negativity in the world,
  • if you’re not ready to grow your own consciousness.

You’re only welcome here if you’re ready to integrate your passion, business, sustainability and consciousness.

It’s become clear now – either we humans are going to be the positive change for the future or we won’t be at all!

I’m here to help you bridge the gap between developing products/services, running your business, promoting your ideas and visions in the society and raising the consciousness and wellbeing in the world.


In other words I’m here to help you become a thought leader in your niche and build your movement.


Get ready to step beyond the boundaries of your mind to challange the status quo in the world.


Information is power or a bullet, brains are the weapons, open mind or consciousness is great, wise and advanced commander.

Join us in the evolution and co-creation of the world and the ways we are thinking, living, socializing, informing, making business – aligned with the laws of nature.

Successful thought leaders of the 21st century will be those that will inspire others to think wider and act in the interest of all the beings on the planet.

We’re speaking of highly conscious, active, well connected individuals.

Those that understand the past, the present and are imagining the future.They are using a common sense, having good social judgement and are striving to be as pragmatic as possible.

They are the dreamers and the does.

Don’t get abosrbed in complexity of the world, but rather recognise the opportunities before they emerge.

Don’t get intimidated by new technologies, use them to reach your audiences and inspire them.

Don’t get lost in the flood of the content, tell the stories that eject you out from the crowd.

Don’t let fear stop you from living fully and achieving your dreams of becoming one of the most heard world’s thought leader, but dare to speak up confidently.

It’s all about the dominance!

You have to gain the power to control yourself first and change the habits and perceptions that block you.
You have to practice and learn how to sucessfuly pitch, persuade and lead the people around you.
You have to master the propaganda techniques to be able to use all available communication channels/tools to address the wider audience and lead them so they can become best versions of themselves.



Forget about the politicians, the rich and privileged, the leaders of the corporations…

If we get to be the thought leaders of tomorrow, we are responsible to make this world great again.





My name is Anja Horvat Jeormel.

I come from the most beautiful country called Slovenia (not Slovakia), which is located probably on the most beautiful place on the world. It’s also the home land of America’s first lady Melania Trump.

Considering how small is our country you’d be surprised how many world’s thought leaders and successful people comes from Slovenia.

To name just a few: philosopher Slavoj Žižek, witty and talented actor and director Branko Djurič, many best world’s athletes: champion skiier Tina Maze, NBA basketball player Goran Dragič, marathon swimmer Martin Strel, football gate keeper for Atlético Madrid Jan Oblak, one of the best hockey players on the world Anže Kopitar, president of UEFA Aleksander Čeferin, DJ Umek, musician Denis Jašarević alias Gramatik, architect Jože Plečnik, designer Lara Bohinc – Boing, even inventors – like Peter Florjančič and many successful companies such as Outfit7…

The most active and successful Slovenians are very open-minded and hard working. But as Europeans (and the neighbours of Italy) we also like the quality of living and enjoying life.

So it’s no surprise that we have a lot of professionals and experts on IT, such as blockchains, applications, digital.

On the other hand we have many great creatives and designers.

We are also very passionate to taking care for our environment, so that’s probably the answer, why our country is so well preserved.

And we’re very conscious about healthy living, eating. We were one of the first European countries years ago where raw food found so many supporters.

I was one of them and even become the thought leader in Slovenia on the healthy living, raw food, sustainability and ecology…

One time waiting behind the scenes of our national TV, where I was invited to talk about healthy living I was faced with the reality check – is this real, am I real…

How is this possible that I have the chance to be able to speaking, sharing ideas and influencing to wide audiences in front of TV screens on such important topics.

But though it seemed like a dream or surreal it was real and I had every right to be grateful and feeling amazing for having the chance to positively and directly impacting people.

And what I didn’t know at the time was – that I was a thought leader.

I was setting trends, because I was ahead of time. I opened my mind and started to educate myself, watching the trends and sharing my knowledge. Through my workshops, lectures, and the internet and later also on all the national televisions, radios, newspapers, magazines.

But it also had a price. Before I came in the media my closest people (most of my family and friends) were thinking that I’ve gone mad. But the truth was that I was a little ahead of time. Later most of them also started to make smoothies, even meditating, working out, developing them self…

In a way it all happened by coincidence. But on the other hand it hasn’t – I was just where I was meant to be.

The thing was that my almost 15 years of experience in communications management and my new knowledge and passion about healthy and delicious eating and living has combined/crossed.

My 4 years of experiences of working as a journalist and editor for a few national and most popular business and lifestyle media, 8 years of public relations and marketing experiences of working for an international bank and successful software company, with additional few years of entrepreneurial experiences in a public relations and content marketing services helped me to be able first time in my life to promote myself and actually expose myself and my own big idea.

It was kind of easier to be behind a scenes, when working for other companies and thought leaders.

But soon it became fun, because I was able to do it just my way, how I believe it’s best. And it worked. I managed to be relevant, to be noticed and to be able to inspire and influence others.

While simultaneously I continue working with many companies, individuals, helping them to level up, attract attention of their target audiences, media, investors, public, in these years I upgraded my knowledge and expertise.

So I decided it’s time for a bigger changes.

It’s time that all the world’s thought leaders of tomorrow connect in changing the world for the better.

And I want to share my knowledge and expertise with all of those that lack a certain knowledge about how to promote yourself, how to influence others, how to live in the benefit of your body and the planet, and how to raise your and humanity’s consciousness…

Propaganda, public relations, content, digital, marketing, healthy living (nourishing our bodies with healthy food, and our brains with healthy information…) are my specialities.



Enter into the world of future-forward THOUGHT leaders. Changemakers of tomorrow. Visionaries. Transformers. Pioneers. Heroes. Masters of the mind. Masters of the nicer reality.